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heels of newsweek being sold and "the new york times" unloading boston globe after taking a 96% hit. jeff bezos is now the owner of "the washington post." we are all over it on fbn tonight. we're starting. hello, everyone, i am greg gutfeld, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, jessie waters, and she naps on the sun deck of her barbie dream house, dana perino. it is 5:00 in new york city. we're open for business! 20 embassies across the globe are closed this weekend due to terror chatter. not really across the globe, in certain parts of the globe. let me put it this way, if you're in a place christians are welcome, you're okay. so they're closed for fear of attack, which makes me wonder what movie is responsible for
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this? sharknado? smurfs 2? i bet al qaeda was deceased. they're the paul mccartney of terror groups, their death was a hoax. if al qaeda is no longer serious threat, what constitutes a serious one, this? these or this. if al qaeda was no longer a threat, anthony weiner was no longer a perv. look, i am not making light of this, i never thought al qaeda was dead and i wish valerie jarrett, i mean president obama, had been right the first time. the threat is alive and well, which sensible people knew all along. the scary parts aren't really the threats, but that officials say our response to the threat is a lesson learned from benghazi. the lesson is close up shop because we can't protect you. that's no lesson. either you bolster security or get the hell out of the hell holes, but you don't close up shop because sooner or later the sign in the door will go from
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closed to open and evil will return and it won't be there asking for directions. so kimberly, feeling delightful in green, they're closed until next saturday. at some point they have to reopen. then what do you do? >> people feel insecure about the ability of the united states to protect them, as you say, close up shop, close for business until we can figure something out or the chatter stops. that's when you're at the most vulnerable, as soon as you open back up again, that's when you're going to get hit. there's been a little activity in terms of predator strikes but no major casualties from that of any of the known leaders. hopefully from all of this chatter, which has been quite expensive, we develop other target lists, getting more information and some people need to be taken out, probably immediately. >> jessie, what do you make of the intel community saying they disclose too much information. do you think that's true? >> i do. i think when you announce that the intelligence came from yemen
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and that it was specifically targeted for a specific period of time, and this goes back to a lot of other things in the administration with leaks, the virus with the israeli attack on the iranian nuclear program and leaked about the bin laden raid. i don't know why the administration is saying all these specific things because now all the resources that we have and all the people we gathered the intelligence from in these dangerous countries, why would they ever cooperate with us any more? >> they wouldn't. >> he makes a good point, bob. should president obama be impeached? >> i am drafting an article for myself over the weekend. first of all, let me make a few comments. nsa picked up some chatter. it is about time nsa got back to the business they're supposed to be in. secondly, al qaeda has made a point for years now not to use cell phones and other communications. dana made a point before the show maybe they're desperate. my guess is some of it may be
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just to throw us off. the third thing, if we hadn't closed embassies and something happened, you all would be all over it. and the last thing i will say, embassies have been closed the last 75 years as circumstances dictate. this may be more closures, goes to teddy roosevelt when they closed some. i would not consider this american weakness. and also the yemens, not rogue or research, clearly upset, right winger. >> the bar scene is where all of the freaks hang out. that's the deal. >> dana, critics at the nsa would say this is really convenient for this to happen while the programs are under fire and snowden is embarrassing us, now we can come say look at all that we uncovered. >> i am uncomfortable talking
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about intelligent things. in a previous life, i would say we're not commenting on this. now we have so much more information in the public. david sanger of "the new york times" wrote a piece about how there's too much classified information in the government. he is probably right. but something like this, where you talk about sources, methods, how people are communicating, terrorists are communicating with one another, to me it does seem overbroad, right? however, the threats to our libyan embassy was very specific. remember, ambassador chris stevens sends a letter specifically saying we have a threat assessment on this embassy. that was a specific thing. i am fine if people learn lessons, that's okay. i'm comfortable talking about sources and methods. i think this is not a partisan issue. complacency is america's biggest enemy and al qaeda knows that. so if we have to be vigilant, our vigilance doesn't stop after
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a month, interesting thing from a foreign policy aspect, is president obama responsible for al qaeda's morphing and evolution. >> i don't know about that. >> maybe not. >> one of the reasons for the increased chatter here is a lot of these prisoners have escaped from where we have been holding them and we have been releasing them. so you have the abu ghraib prison break, morsi in egypt released about a thousand the other day, in afghanistan we have a program where we pay militants to leave the battlefield, they get to keep their guns, just have to sign the dotted line, say i am going to reintegrate into the community. >> they should do that for chicago. it might work. sundays, everybody knows i love to watch the sunday shows, i sit and record them just for this show. here is a montage of people talking about the terror threats. >> a threat to blow up an embassy, consulate or something else. >> that part of it is unspecified, but the intent seems clear. >> and the intent is to what?
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>> the intent to attack western not just u.s. interests. >> this is an effort to terrorize us, to drive us out of the mid east, and if we ever take the bait, try to come home, try to create fortress america, you'll have another 9/11. >> this is probably one of the most specific, credible threats i have seen perhaps since 9/11. >> it is a wakeup call. al qaeda is in many ways stronger than it was before 9/11. >> bob went oh. >> you going to be okay? >> the truth is the al qaeda that orchestrated 9/11 has been decimated. it has now -- its name inherited by a number of different terrorist groups, it is alive and well, if you want to call it, but it is not the same al qaeda. releasing prisoners from guantanamo and other places went back from bush administration into obama administration. we have done it for perfectly legitimate reasons. there was overcrowding down there, they need to get them out, some of them did get back into the game.
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most did not. >> 30% recidivism. >> that's a lot. and what's the problem with overcrowding? i get it if you're living with the family, but you're prisoners! >> in a tropical paradise, and you get to play soccer. >> the soccer field is good. expensive. some of those people, by the way, have provided and continue to provide as i understand intelligence overseas. >> kg, you have a problem with bob? >> i love you bob, but i have to take issue when you say al qaeda has been decimated, they're not, they shape shift and change their name and it is the same roster. the current leadership is all former ex-gitmo detainees now smarter, better, more cash in the pocket, and now fostering new attacks. strong connections to al-zawahri and pakistan. this is the new face of terror and they're boulder and stronger.
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to say we decimated puts us at operational disadvantage, it is not an accurate statement. >> let me say, george bush kept a picture of people with the cards, he got rid of virtually the entire top leadership of al qaeda with the exception of osama bin laden who was eventually caught. >> why are we making this -- i don't see this as partisan. the most dangerous -- we keep talking about the two presidents, this is america, and if complacency is our biggest enemy, we should all work together and say look, do you trust the government or not. skepticism, healthy in a democracy, and every bit of skepticism they got today for the administration was the same as the bush administration used to do. i think that's probably a good thing. >> decimate means you destroy everything but 10%? >> i think maybe, not sure about the technical definition. >> can you get back to me while we roll the tape where they talk
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about al qaeda being decimated. >> there should be no doubt today america is stronger and al qaeda is on the path to defeat. we decimated al qaeda's leadership. al qaeda is on the path to defeat and bin laden is dead. >> we decimated al qaeda central, we eliminated osama bin laden. >> al qaeda is much weaker than it was when i came into office. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> the war in afghanistan is coming to a close, al qaeda is on the path to defeat, osama bin laden is dead. today the core of al qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan is on the path to defeat. their remaining operatives spend more time thinking about their own safety than plotting against us. >> if you notice, he said al qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan are on the run and he is exactly right. >> do you think that's what americans, that's the message they were trying to deliver from
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the white house to america during the 2012 election that they were being specific about al qaeda in pakistan? that's not what they meant at all, that's why they're in -- i support them, but when you start watering down the global war on terror for political reasons. >> dangerous. >> the question, is al qaeda left in afghanistan, no, in pakistan, no. >> all that stuff was the reason why they played down benghazi before the election. all this stuff. it was alive, it was well, and it is coming back. they covered it up. >> they have tentacles, now they have different names and different factions and they're still bold and operating and strong enough to the point we consider it a credible threat that we are shutting down embassies. if i was in an embassy, i would say shut it down. no one is going to help me if i am stuck, even though you could get help there to get me out. >> you can play word games, decimated, it is not, they tried to sell they were decimated
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before the election, obviously they were not, said the war on terror was over, obviously it is not. susan rice, where is she? is she on the sunday shows? last time i heard about susan rice she was holding these meetings with i think john kerry who was on his yacht the last time in egypt and james clapper, director of national intelligence who lied to congress last time he was on the hill. i think the big speech he gave three months ago when he said technically the war on terror is over. >> technically he didn't say that. >> look it up. look it up, bob. i think we'll have the tape for you when we come back. >> you're hoping. >> technically. is that the word? >> no, if you read between the lines, which i know you can do, bob, which i know you can do, he did say essentially the war on terror was over as we know it, and it's not. >> dana now what is the lesson because they say sources say officials learned lessons from
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benghazi. >> i don't know specifically what that lesson is. i do from a macro political standpoint. i think it is key for the president of the united states to have to rally the nation when you are at war, and war is tiring. and america is tired of being at war. when people think about that, it is specific to iraq and afghanistan. i understand that piece of it. but the president has to rally and remind people the vigilance is so important. on the nsa program in particular if the communication between the two terrorists led us to information that said we had to shut something down, does that not mean the nsa program is worth something? and could someone in the administration besides general alexander have to go out and try to defend it? we're all trying to defend the president's use of a program that's very important and he won't even help us defend him. >> acknowledge it is important. >> acknowledge it is incredibly important, did its job, intercepted overseas people that are terror threats to the united states. that's entirely different than intercepting --
2:14 pm
>> how do you know. >> what? >> that communication between the two phones didn't come through the united states? and that's the only way you know. you see what i mean? they could be using the lone terrorist in boston, tsarnaev, who communicated back and forth. we don't know, the nsa is collecting lots of different on.bers to try to find out >> peter king said -- >> how would you have more information than he does? >> i am not suggesting that, he suggested it was chatter within the peninsula, it was not chatter between the united states. >> how do you know? >> that's what he said. >> how do you know that he is wrong? >> i am not saying he is wrong, he said it, i'll give him that. >> goes to the same line, you can't find needles unless you have a haystack. you need the grid to connect the dots. >> you have to employ a lot of people to look for the needles, it is expensive, but it is the most important thing to do to protect ourselves.
2:15 pm
>> how long do we have to keep this war on terror going? >> it is a mindset from the muslim world, a certain set of the muslim war, jihadists that declared war on us. it could be a lifetime. >> i would rather have war on terror than war on drugs. we been doing the war on drugs forever and it failed. >> i can guarantee you it failed. >> the minute you say it is over, the minute you lose. >> attacks were scheduled sunday for the night of power, first versus were revealed to muhammad which some use to encourage infiddles. i got to meet the smurfs, they like to party. ahead on the five, major league baseball dropped a hammer on a-rod and 12 other players suspected of doping. what's a-rod's punishment? stay tuned to find out.
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♪ so do you think jessie waters looks like -- >> in honor of president obama's 52nd birthday, organizing for action, a group that promotes his agenda at several events around the country to help sell obama care, didn't draw masses in virginia. 20 miles from the nation's capital. dozens of conservative lawmakers threaten government shut down if an upcoming spending bill continues to fund obama care. is that the right strategy? paul ryan doesn't think so. >> we all, republicans, want to repeal and replace obama care, it is not a matter of whether we want to get rid of obama care, we do. we're having debate about the best course of achieving that goal, the best strategy. with a government shutdown, you talk discretionary spending, government agencies budgets, but
2:21 pm
doesn't affect entitlement. obama care is entitlement like medicare and social security. so it will go on during government shutdown, so it is not that simple and easy. >> jim demint running the heritage foundation sees it this way. >> this may be the last opportunity to stop it. now, there's no republican that i'm aware of who wants to shut the government down. the whole point is we need to fund the government, but we should not fund obama care. >> i call on you. >> i do think the organizers for president obama's birthday celebration on obama care should have thought it through a bit. it was one of the most beautiful days weather wise, sunday in august before kids go back to school. they don't want to go to an obama care party to talk about how great it is so they set themselves up for pr failure there. every day you can find another
2:22 pm
person, another group that says they don't like it. "the wall street journal," 48% of the uninsured think it is bad policy. there's a steep upward hill to climb. i understand why there is the fight or disagreement amongst republicans about strategy on how to go forward. but i don't know how it is going to end. i am waiting for bob to bail me out. >> i am going to bail you out, ryan is exactly right. you talk about shutting down the government, you're talking about discretionary spending which means all agencies and departments of the government are shut down because they're discretionary. but when they did this originally, they opted out of social security, medicare, medicaid and entitlements. obama care will go forward. it is not a question of whether it succeeds or not, it is there. the question is are you in position politically at some point to take it apart, which means you need a republican president and good majority, you need a majority in the senate
2:23 pm
and i don't think it is going to happen. the question is are you going to live with it, change it, or kill it. not going to dismantle it. >> decimate. >> decimate. i think if they had sense, they would do two things, sell insurance across state lines, do tort reform. >> wait, we were talking about that in 2010. >> i tried to get that message through and it was not heard. >> here's the thing, i respect what the republicans are trying to do, jim demint and mike lee, i understand that. once you have an entitlement and you give people free stuff and subsidies roll out, you can't take it away, the tentacles are in, that's like poison. try to take cash away from someone. the problem is the communication strategy and leadership turns into a shut down fight with president obama and the mainstream media. i think they're going to blink, cave, and i don't think president obama will let his
2:24 pm
signature piece of legislation be defunded because the republicans shut down the government, that's not going to happen. what's going to happen might be a better strategy, let it crumble under its own weight, once fines start coming in. >> if you push to delay the individual mandate, that could happen. >> now i would like to call on will i am. >> i love the one person showing up for the obama care event, she showed up thinking it was traffic school. let down. is it possible to actually shut it down? i don't think it is. the debate is a waste of time, like going to the gym, spending an hour doing yoga, all that effort for no reward. i think you let this implode. you can't keep feeding america poop and telling them it is godiva. it is not godiva, it is poof. we are living at a time where celebrity opinions on health care are more respected and
2:25 pm
valued than doctors. real doctors hate this. but people that play doctors like it. that is poop. >> i was going to say you can say all you want about this thing, but it is going forward and the question is what are you going to do? is it going to fall from its own weight? how, it is legislation. you have to have enough republicans to defeat it. >> dana is mouthing things to me now. apparently i have to go. >> isd? >> what does it stand for. >> this is where they talk to us. now i am distracted by godiva chocolate with the caramel inside. everyone keep sending me that. coming up, a 13-year-old boy is brutally attacked by three other teens on a school bus while the driver looks on. he called for help. should he have stepped in to help the young victim. you'll hear from the bus driver.
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later, oprah winfrey makes her first public comment about the trayvon martin tragedy. all that and more ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪ hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure.
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nationwide, where queen mattresses start at just $699. and right now our newest innovations are available with 48-month financing, including the sleep number memory foam series. sleep number. comfort individualized. ♪ welcome back to "the five." i have to do this block. bob can't believe i am doing this. disturbing story from pinellas county, florida. a 13-year-old boy was beaten by three older kids on the school bus while the driver looked on. the attack was last month, the video was just released, take a look. >> somebody try to stop it. i need help in a hurry, i need help in a hurry. i got a fight.
2:31 pm
they're about to kill this boy. leave the boy alone! leave him alone! leave him alone! >> the voice you heard was a 64-year-old bus driver, john moody. told wfla in tampa he didn't do anything wrong. greg, he didn't do anything wrong, not trying to save the young boy. listen to this. >> three boys just jumped on him, start pounding on him, and i did all i can, i was looking, it was like i was in shock. i wanted to help him so bad, i wanted to help him. >> the 13-year-old has a broken arm, two black eyes. why didn't he do anything. three 15-year-old suspects are charged with aggravated battery, seems like the least that should happen. but what about the bus driver? any response? they say he didn't have any responsibility. >> that's pathetic. i would welcome the day i am fired from my job because i jump in and save a child. it is just disgusting.
2:32 pm
there's no humanity left. jump in, help the boy. he is getting beaten. my god, he could have been beaten to death, could have had a serious head injury, broken arm, black eyes, it is awful. >> they seem big beating up a 13-year-old, there's a report that the 13-year-old boy had told the school earlier some of the guys are trying to sell him drugs, so he maybe told them something. >> didn't buy it. >> i am going to disagree with kimberly. i feel for the bus driver here. he is 64 years old. >> why, he is a big guy. >> he is an older spotless record driving the bus. the 15-year-olds were raining down on the kid. they are big boys, slugging it out, not like he sat there, cranked up the radio. afterwards he said he was very emotional, lost sleep, it is a tragedy. he was really scared.
2:33 pm
>> i don't feel bad for him at all. >> every one of the bus drivers, most of them have access to break out windows in case something happens. he has something he could have used. he could have whooped, i would have used an ax on those little [bleep] in a second. he is a big guy. >> that's right, bob. >> those punks would not have -- if he went after them, had something in his hand. >> we need to be upset with the kids, we don't need to be upset with the bus driver. be upset with the parents that allow these kids to be like that, and the kids that videotaped it with iphones and did nothing. >> i was going to say, i agree with bob completely. the bus driver should be armed. not with bats but with guns. this is a direct consequence of a dying morality based on breakdown of family. i am willing to bet each of those guys is from a broken home. we now have adult males
2:34 pm
terrified of kids. florida is the orange state, the clock work orange state where adults are terrified of children. benghazi in a bus. and fear creates paralysis that allows thugery to flourish. you have to go out there, say i am going to bash your head in. >> you want your kid on that bus? let me tell you something, if that happened to my kid, that bus driver bter run for his life. i can't believe an adult, he is a big guy. if bob was on the bus, bob would be like i can't -- you would jump in, yes or no. >> yes. i agree. there was a lot of other people involved that could have done something. these punks, i once had a situation in my school where my daughter was where there was a bully, and what you said, greg, you bet the family where they came from was broken or whatever. turns out i went to visit the father of this bully, he himself was a bully. so he and i got into it, he ended up being a buddy bully.
2:35 pm
the fact of the matter, these punks should go to jail at least six months, then be at hard labor, thrown out of school, and anybody that video tapes that ought to be -- >> and they robbed him. let me tell you something, i did these cases at the d.a.'s office, they can give out serious penalties, they should have terms and conditions, probation for a long period of time to supervise their behavior, should be expelled from school, kicked off the bus, and provide some security for that child that was beaten like that. >> and the kid that got beaten was doing the right thing saying the kids tried to sell him drugs, that's what happens when you snitch, you get your butt kicked. someone needs to give this kid a scholarship, make an example out of this. this was a real crime and it is sad. >> you got to go back to what do the political leaders have to say about this. nothing. juvenile delinquency has
2:36 pm
skyrocketed, proportional to out of wedlock births. for every broken home, there's a broken person. it is everywhere, it is literally an epidemic. the president of the united states runs from these kinds of judgments and it is time we get it, you're a cool president. there's some things you can't be cool about. when you preside over a country in decline, get the smile off your face and yell. >> and the other kids should have jumped in. >> i hope it shows that this was unacceptable. >> we could keep talking about this, we have to go. we'll be back. there's another shakeup on late night tv, this time it is the jokes that are changing. president obama is now the subject of a lot of them. how times have changed coming up. ♪ uh-oh! guess what day it is??
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♪ tomorrow night, president obama will sit down with jay leno for the sixth time. times have changed since his last appearance in 2012. according to the center for media and public affairs, the president is now the top target for late night comedians, the punch line for 288 jokes in monologues the first half of the year. >> people say hey, letterman, they say, why don't you make jokes about obama? i don't make jokes about him because i don't want the fbi tapping my phones, my phones, that's why! >> i was going to start with an obama joke but i don't want to get audited by the irs, so forget that. >> president obama was visiting a middle school, said every school in the u.s. should have high speed internet. got awkward when one kid said what, so you could read our e-mails faster? >> and the white house has a new
2:42 pm
slogan about benghazi, hope and change the subject. thank you, move quickly! >> all right. quite a change from the year before. the only person that comes close to that kind of ridicule, fellow democrat, anthony weiner. >> your fellow? >> not my fellow by any stretch of the imagination. according to the study, all the late night hosts this year make fun of democrats more than republicans, but letterman still makes fun of republicans more, he is still stiff and radical as always. >> so the increase in obama jokes happened in the first half of this year, after his final election, when he cannot be elected any more, so they didn't want to be rude, they wanted to wait until he was ensconced in an eight year thing. none of those were about obama, they were about nsa and the irs. >> these jokes when you have an election year like this, except for weiner, you have to take current affairs.
2:43 pm
every one of these stories lends itself to jokes. i'm not at all surprised. you should add to the count that greg gutfeld had him 384 times. >> remember, bob, when we went to new york's funniest reporter event with janice dean, there was the guy got up, he could mimic everybody, and he went through all the presidents, got to obama, said you know what, i can't do obama's voice. that is baloney. he could. >> i am a decent mimic though. >> let me hear it. >> i heard it. i heard it. >> do you actually think that they held their powder until he gets reelected, and all of a sudden they realize let's let this guy have it, do you think that, or do you think because of weiner, benghazi, irs, nsa, he just gives them more material? >> i think the answer is yes and yes. i think it is because he's second term. i think there's even more material now.
2:44 pm
also jay leno was one of the first to do that, to make comments and make some jokes that included obama. his ratings have actually gone up, by the way. >> weiner and spitzer now. what more could you ask for. >> i like jay leno. >> i know a lot of you beat me up about the lorena bobbitt, but i have to. >> if "the five" is on in four or five years. >> what do you mean if it is still on. >> okay, when we are still on, do a segment if hillary clinton becomes president, how late night talk show comedians will deal with that because it will be much more difficult i think for them to make fun of her. there's things, kimberly said something about me in commercial break that was so disturbing, i'm not going to eat for three weeks. >> you can't say something about a woman's weight. >> i said came out with lip gloss, i said you look so plump.
2:45 pm
>> on that note, alex rodriguez got suspended. he is expected to address the punishment momentarily. and later, oprah winfrey gets political with comments about trayvon martin. you'll hear from her. don't go anywhere. ♪ [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement
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♪ 13 suspensions handed town by major league baseball today, the hammer fell hardest on the highest paid player in baseball history. alex rodriguez signed contracts worth more than 350 million in his career, suspended 211 games. despite suspension, he's allowed to play while the appeal is going. including tonight. joe jir ard ee will be speaking, stay with fox news for details. what do you think? >> i would have suspended for life, let me tell you why. i think selig is a coward. i think after the strike, ratings were terrible in baseball and everybody started
2:50 pm
juicing, knocking home runs, fell in love with the chase, they looked the other way while the guys were juicing up. you remember those guys. barry bonds' head grew about 12 inches, then he wants to protect his legacy, he is going to rere soon, he picks a villain, a-rod, no one likes him, cameron diaz feeds him popcorn in the stands. he kisses a mirror. he has two oil paintings over his bed. he is not a likeable guy. >> how do you know about his bed? >> a little birdie told me. >> 211. like when the limit is 14 miles per hour, how do they get to 211? >> the world is plagued by guests who wouldn't leave. a-rod is theony weiner of baseball, since his name is a-rod. you can't blame these guys. >> did you just say that? >> if you do something that
2:51 pm
makes you better at your job, why not. i know for a fact do you know how bill hemmer looks so good? he injects live mice into his face. he is 93 years old. he could get his hair from poor children from india. >> what do you think about this? >> i think a-rod will try to milk it for as much as he can. he has 120 million on the line, the rest of 2013, all of 2014. he is 40, he won't have played a year. >> i agree with jessie, he should be gone for life. a lot more people should be gone for life. bud selig ought to think about another line of work. and jessie, good to have you here. going to one more thing. ♪ [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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2:56 pm
cleveland, gina dejesus, hero of cleveland, she escaped from ariel castro, show was out celebrating, people are waving, there are latino factions. they said it was inspirational to see her out there doing so well. she said our work is not done, we have more beautiful children out there that need our help. keep our eyes and ears open. don't let the children go in vain. they held up posters and things of missing children. >> dana. >> one of the things you're missing are jasper updates. you want to see how this dog can jump into a pool? check it out yesterday. yes. we are going to enter the contest i think. >> i like how you ask america. hey, do you want to see my dog jump into the pool? like they have a choice! you didn't even let them answer. most americans would say no, we're tired of your dog, dana.
2:57 pm
>> you're wrong. if we took a poll, it would be like the polls on cnn, 99% of you agree with me. >> if i had a poll, i would change your dog with it. >> two married couples handcuff themselves together for 48 hours. talk about death penalty. they both worked for colbert report on comedy central, mark and his wife christine, and they both said after 48 hours they wanted some time apart. no kidding. think about this. how in the world did they do certain things? i mean, it must have been sort of difficult. you can guess where i'm going with this. 48 hours chained to anybody would be tough, unless it was beyonce. >> think about the worst part of being a siamese twin. >> for a charity event, i would
2:58 pm
for 48 hours. >> i might chew my arm off, other than that. >> that's what they call coyote ugly. they chew your arm off. >> bob, that's nice. jessie. >> oprah winfrey hasn't weighed in on the trayvon martin george zimmerman case so far until today. on the "today" show, here is what she said. >> it is so easy during this time, trayvon martin, trayvon martin parallel, in my mind, same thing, but you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we've come. >> here's the deal for those of you that don't know, 14-year-old black kid in mississippi, 1955, flirted with a white woman. a few days later, two white racists attacked him, shot him to death. this is who she is comparing
2:59 pm
trayvon martin. i feel like oprah diminished her brand. it was a missed opportunity. i was expecting her to take the high road and elevate the conversation and bring the country forward and add a little unity here. but instead she made this atrocious analogy and i am a little disappointed in her. >> i will say that was an awesome chandelier. banned phrase. decimate. we discussed it in a block. i must have got 150 tweets telling me exactly what decimate means and that the president was using it incorrectly. i disagree, he was using it correctly. to decimate is to kill every tenth man. 90% of al qaeda is in operation because president obama says we have 10%, 90% left. >> that's technically what he meant. >> using decimate. >> if we stop using the words
3:00 pm
you tell us not to use, we can't talk any more. >> i want to ban every single word. >> get out. throw to "special report." >> that's it for us at "the five." see you tomorrow. "special report" is next! it is great! the u.s. intercepts the electronic communications of two top al qaeda leaders, plotting attacks. al qaeda's top man ordering the al qaeda branch in yemen to attack the west. it is a major part of what prompted the shut down of embassies in the middle east and north africa. so what's next and who leaked that intel? this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. a terror group that was supposed to be on its last legs seems to be running the show now on american foreign policy. u.s. embassies and consulates in several middle eastern and african nations will

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